House of Responsibility

The House of Responsibility in Braunau am Inn (HRB) will be an international meeting place for young people wishing to work on educational projects in Hitler’s birth house. The house is located in the upper-Austrian town of Braunau am Inn. The former tavern was a cultural center for the Nazi party during the Third Reich. Later, the heritage house was used as a home and workshop for people with disabilities. It has been vacant since 2011. The Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Foundation has given its statement of support for the HRB:


Braunau am Inn is the birthplace of history’s most reviled figure. Given that this location is being transformed into a House of Responsibility is a tribute to Austrians’ changed view of their history. The significance of the House of Responsibility is the transformation of H itler’s birthplace into an education centre, whose goal is to counter the past crimes against humanity committed by Hitler’s Nazi Party. S adly, this building attracts neo- Nazis, who gather with a view to promoting past hatred. The proposed House of Responsibility will function as a true monument. Monument derives from the Latin term “monere,” meaning to remind and warn. This house will stand as a constant reminder and warning to those who attempt to rekindle the atrocities of the past.



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