Fact, Fiction, Propaganda

The goal of Fact Fiction Propaganda is to teach students (12-18 years old) to be critical thinkers. The way in which this is accomplished is through analyzing the relationship between fact, fiction and/or opinion, as well as propaganda. Students are encouraged to distinguish between these terms and develop skills with which to analyze information in both contemporary and historical settings.

The programme begins with a discussion of the concepts of “race” and racism, stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, and propaganda. Propaganda is first examined during the Nazi period in order to alert students to its inherent danger, to illustrate the techniques of the propagandist, and to contextualize the historical origins of racist propaganda. The presentation concludes with an analysis based on parallels and contrasts to earlier Nazi propaganda and of contemporary propaganda and racism on the Internet.

The six slides on the Internet (sixty-eight in total) are representative of the dynamic multimedia state of the art educational tool. The programme may be integrated to media literacy, history, English, civics, or computer courses.
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