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In 2005, the Kleinmann Family Foundation’s Director, Naomi Kramer was invited to present Fact, Fiction, Propaganda to students at Kagoshima University and to attend the commemorative events of the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“May 27, 2006

Dear Naomi Kramer,

I truly appreciate your visit to Japan last summer. The lecture you gave in Central Library at Kagoshima University was so stimulating that one of the graduate students from China still refers to the impact of your lecture each time I meet her. I also appreciate you for stimulating discussion with Professor Masayuki Yamada at Osaka University of Education, President of Auschwitz Peace Museum, Japan. As he mentioned he had visited China many times and conducted research on the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers. Professor Yamada finds the discussion with you very informative. Dr. Umeno and Professor Nakayama, the former dean of Faculty of Education at Kagoshima University send their best regards to you. Ms. Fumiko Ishioka, Director of Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center and Rev. Makoto Otsuka, Director of Holocaust Museum in Hiroshima express thanks to you for the insightful suggestions you have given them. Messrs. Komine, Wada and Yamawaki, survivors of Atomic bomb in Nagasaki are impressed with your concern and thankful to you for the long trip you made all the way from Canada to interview them and Ms. Matono, a survivor of fire bombing of Fukuoka wrote back to me referring to the interview you conducted with many thanks. She talks of the experience of meeting you as a tremendous encouragement. You seem to have some magical charm to give courage to people. Last but not the least I am grateful to you for attending the Atomic bomb commemorative ceremonies held last summer in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the scorching August. Again I find your comments coming from your deep insight extremely interesting.

Yasuhiro Tae
2000 Fulbright scholar
Faculty of Education
Kagoshima University
1-20-6, Korimoto,
Kagoshima-shi 890-0024
Phone/fax +81 99 285-7817


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