International Seminar

May 25 -30, 2007, Kiev, Ukraine

Kleinmann Family Foundation
European Union of Jewish Students

This seminar, organized by the European Union of Jewish Students and the Kleinmann Family Foundation, aimed to teach the young participants to become critical thinkers and active democratic citizens, who notice at an early stage when propaganda occurs and thus are able to react pro-actively against discrimination and possible forms of violence. The participants were encouraged to diffuse their newly acquired knowledge among their peers.

The seminar was set up around a multimedia tool designed by Naomi Kramer (HEGP). Starting from WWII propaganda, it explores how propaganda works, what the context and consequences are, and how to detect propaganda at an early stage.

The seminar also included expert speeches on xenophobia and antisemitism in Former Soviet Union countries, propaganda in Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and a guided tour to Kiev Holocaust Memorial sites.




November 8 – 13, 1998, Ottawa, Canada

Kleinmann Family Foundation
B’nai Birth Canada, Institute For International Affairs

In cooperation with German Studies, McGill University
Holocaust Literature Research Institute, University of Western Ontario

National Art Gallery of Canada
Opening Reception, Sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland

Keynote Speaker
The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Kristallnacht Commemoration Remarks
Ambassador of Israel, David Sultan

The conference will meet the future through knowledge of the past in panel discussions, site visits, art, music, and law.

The Future of War Crimes Prosecutions
War Crimes Cases: Educational and Historical Pedagogy
Fact Finding in War Crimes Cases
War Crimes Prosecutions in Source Countries

The Fallacy of Race and The Shoah
Voices of Memory: Reflections for the Future
Web: Memory Site
Memory Vectors
Memorials: Distanced Memory
Memory as Sacred Space

Irving Abella Shlomo Arnson Vicki Bennett Ruth Bettina Birn Graham Blewitt Irwin Colter Jules Deschenes Myrian Eser Davolio Henry Friedlander Trudis Goldsmith-Reber Jonathan Huener Philippe Kirsch Phyllis Lambert Sol Littmann David Mattas Lee Macdonald Sybil Milton Shawn Roberts Eli Rosenbaum Anna Rosmus and William Shulman are amongst the distinguished scholars.




Augsburg and Munich, Germany, November, 1997

Building History: The Shoah in Art, Memory, and Myth was the subject of a second international conference held at Munich and Augsburg, Germany, 1997. The conference brought together educators, academics, artists, and government representatives from Austria, Canada, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, and the United States all with a view to share diverse means of Holocaust education.

The conference resulted in the publicatio, Building History: The Shoah in Art, Memory, and Myth, Volume 4 in the McGill European Studies collection published by Peter Lang Publishing Inc., New York, 2001, eds. Peter M. Daly, Karl Filser, Alain Goldschläger, and Naomi Kramer.




Vienna, Austria, March 1997
Workshop for Educators

Kleinmann Family Foundation
TAG (Teaching Around the Globe), Vienna School Board

In 1997 the KFF sponsored a first international conference, Holocaust in Education with the City of Vienna’s School Board. The goal of the programme was to educate teachers from eastern Europe about the resources available to them for Holocaust education.

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