One Country Saved Its Jews. Were They Just Better People?


The surprising truth about Denmark in the Holocaust  This magnificent book states its central argument in its title. Danish Jews survived Hitler’s rule in World War II, when other European Jews did not, because Danes regarded their Jewish neighbors as countrymen. There was no “us” and “them;” there was just us. Read the complete article here

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Austrian Police arrest operator of Nazi propaganda website housed on US server

Today in the early morning hours, Austrian Police arrested neo-Nazi Gottfried Küssel for running a seditious website with neo-Nazi content on a server in the United States. The police also performed searches in the homes of other well-known neo-Nazis. All Nazi and neo-Nazi propaganda is banned in Austria by a law against the revival of […]

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Austrian pastry maker may face charges for baking Nazi cakes

Pastry chef Manfred Klaschka says ‘If someone orders it, I make it.’; Holocaust survivors’ group says this is exactly the sort of thinking that ‘led us into the disaster 70 years ago.’ An Austrian pastry maker faces a criminal investigation for baking cakes with elaborate Nazi designs, a concentration camp survivors’ group said after pressing […]

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